12 priceless thoughts for every day by Eleazar Harash

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  1. Man is submissive to that reality for which he is awake.
  2. The speech is God's language and silence is His coziness.
  3. Real help is always silent and sacred.
  4. Life requires a revival in the Word and in the Silence.
  5. Only God gives in pure form, because He is never willing to receive
  6. Whoever wants to enter unprepared in Truth, falls into chaos.
  7. This who is in the Truth is neither in the happiness, nor in the suffery.
  8. Death exists until the moment when the one recognizes God.
  9. The true Speech is full of Silence and Spirit.
  10. In His essence God is Nebirth, but when He decides to manifest, He becomes a word.
  11. The most necessary thing for the prodigal son is the experience. The experience humbles man.
  12. When the Word awakens in man, a new universe is born
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