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Eleazar Harash

Eleazar Harash: The love, the wisdom and the truth are the roads who lead man to God

The True Speech is full of silence and Spirit. What is the path? – The eternal thirst for Truth. When you get to know what Love is, you become Life itself. The continuous thirst for truth is your guide in life. Don`t search for another.
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The eagle

The eagle is one of the most ancient symbols of mankind and gives us a great example for transformation!

The secret of the eagle is that when it flies it leaves no traces. The eagle is a symbol of the height of the Word. Everyone will achieve it in their own way. When the eagle flies, the wings do not move, but it flies powerfully. This is the secret of the synthesis between movement and rest - a profound quality of the Spirit.
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The relationship with Dao is deeper than a miracle. To find Dao, you need an Ancient Ability

"Dao" and "Tao" are both English transliterations of the same Chinese character "道", which can mean "way", "path", or "principle" and is central to Chinese philosophy and religion, especially Daoism/Taoism. The difference in their spelling stems from different systems of romanizing the Chinese language.
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Ancient Egypt

Eleazar Harash: Ancient Egypt is Atlantis's colony

Today we are going to talk about Atlantis. Here i would like to say ....Whatever happening ,it does not matter, your perception is important-it defines the end result. From a difficult situation, the event can easily turned into a simple one and vice versa, from simple one to a complicated one....Everything is a matter of the Secret of perception.

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The shaman - that is the art of making things happen, but to make things happen in the sacred way

The shaman is the master in the spirit realm. The shaman goes deep within himself and communicates with them in real terms because he has dedicated himself to the sacred beginning. The shaman knows how to talk with the spirit people.
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Most Beautiful Thing

A Lesson About the Most Beautiful Thing

Once, the Master summoned his two disciples and asked them, “Tell me, which is the most beautiful thing in life?”
The first disciple answered, “The most beautiful thing in this world is water. If there were no water, beauty in this world would perish.”
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balance between material and spiritual

The balance between material and spiritual reveals the intelligence, love and will of man

Obviously, one is better prepared for life in matter than for spiritual life, because the tools he possesses to live and work on the physical plane - the five senses - are much more developed than the tools that allow him to work in the world of the Spirit.
If you decide to build a house, you need only a few weeks, whereas
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three types of dark

What should you remember? There are three types of dark

Between the sensible Cosmos and the Immensity lies Horos - the Great Limit - the Almighty Power. Horus surrounds the elements of the intelligent Cosmos and holds it, by the reins of Fire. Chaos also came into existence by the Will of the great Mind. Order and Chaos - everything came from God.
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Шри Logic is a dangerous enemy of Truth

Logic is a dangerous enemy of Truth because it does not see its fallacies and its imperfection

Wisdom is born when the mind dies. Wisdom looks behind the veil and sees; the mind divides, distinguishes. Wisdom collects in a single Harmony. What a vast Rest from our existence awaits us – but the Way is narrow…
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