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The relationship with Dao is deeper than a miracle. To find Dao, you need an Ancient Ability

"Dao" and "Tao" are both English transliterations of the same Chinese character "道", which can mean "way", "path", or "principle" and is central to Chinese philosophy and religion, especially Daoism/Taoism. The difference in their spelling stems from different systems of romanizing the Chinese language.
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Ancient Egypt

Eleazar Harash: Ancient Egypt is Atlantis's colony

Today we are going to talk about Atlantis. Here i would like to say ....Whatever happening ,it does not matter, your perception is important-it defines the end result. From a difficult situation, the event can easily turned into a simple one and vice versa, from simple one to a complicated one....Everything is a matter of the Secret of perception.

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The shaman - that is the art of making things happen, but to make things happen in the sacred way

The shaman is the master in the spirit realm. The shaman goes deep within himself and communicates with them in real terms because he has dedicated himself to the sacred beginning. The shaman knows how to talk with the spirit people.
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