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Multiverse, Parallel Universes and Realities

Multiverse, Parallel Universes and Realities – a Theoretical Analysis

The Multiverse is a hypothetical set of finite and infinite possible universes, including our universe in which we live and manifest our reality. Taken together, these universes contain everything that exists: the integrity of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. Of the many worlds, possible evidence and interpretations follow
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life Moon

Rudolf Steiner: The Moon appears to be a physical, but also a mental counterweight to life on Earth

There is life and beings under the Moon crust, but they are in different bodies - invisible to our human eyes. They have entrances under the Moon’s crust at a depth of 10 km and they live there because it's warm. The beings come in before sunset. They have also gardens. If you think the moon is empty, do not look at it at all, because there is a law:
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three types of dark

What should you remember? There are three types of dark

Between the sensible Cosmos and the Immensity lies Horos - the Great Limit - the Almighty Power. Horus surrounds the elements of the intelligent Cosmos and holds it, by the reins of Fire. Chaos also came into existence by the Will of the great Mind. Order and Chaos - everything came from God.
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