About us

Portal12.org is an alternative and the first of its kind global media for personal development, self-knowledge, healthy life, practicing systems to improve the quality of the physical and spiritual field.

The aim of the site is to show the best of all types of teachings and religions. We want to show that the path to a better Earth is based on the combination within man and societies of three essential virtues: Love, Wisdom and Truth.

Our team is made up of journalists with many years of experience, as well as many volunteers from different countries, different ethnicities, different religions.

We publish our own author articles and videos, as well as valuable and quality texts and videos of other authors from around the world.

Focus on our topics are:
- interpersonal relationships
- the development of consciousness and internal potential
- building sustainable and environmentally friendly living practices
- sharing and displaying the wisest people in the world
- sharing and displaying the most beautiful places in the world
- sharing and displaying the most valuable of every culture and art

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*** Important:
We do not post articles about conspiracies or mysteries. We always focus on serious topics in the sphere of psychology, alternative modern science and research, useful practices, studying the authentic history and culture of nations and ancient civilizations.