12 remarkable thoughts by Albert Einstein

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  1. Intellect plays a small role in the path to discovery. There is a leap in consciousness, something like intuition ... and the solution comes only without knowing how or why.
  2. The real religion in the world is the life itself: to live with all your soul, righteous and virtuous.
  3. God is sophisticated, but not malicious!
  4. The most important role of art and science is to awaken the cosmic and religious feeling in man and then to maintain it.
  5. Politics is s pendulum that oscillates between anarchy and tyranny, and its movement is supported by constantly renewing illusions!
  6. The searching for Truth and Beauty is an activity in which we are allowed to remain children for life.
  7. Once open its borders, Mind will never return to the past.
  8. I've never seen comfort and happiness as the ultimate goals. Such an ethical basis is, in my view, more suitable for a pig herd.
  9. Two things call me awe: the starry sky and the spiritual universe inside me.
  10. The search of the Truth is more important than having the Truth.
  11. If only you have lived for the others is it that you have lived.
  12. To survive, the humanity needs to a radically new way of thinking.
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