Pir Sultan Abdal - poet, sage, Sufi

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Pir Sultan Abdal – Sufi of the Bektashi order. He lived in the 16th century. Author of a number of poems and poems, he is even considered one of the seven great Turkish poets.

It has an interesting fate. The time in which he lives is generally difficult - constant attacks by the Mongols, hence - years of hunger and misery. His life is a struggle against violence.

A peasant comes to him, whose whole family, and then his beloved, are killed before his eyes. Having lost everything, he wants to become a dervish to Pir Sultan Abdal. At first the Sufi did not want to accept it. But the man insists and is finally accepted. His name is Heather.

Like Yunus Emre, he too is assigned to serve first, carrying wood for the dergya. In the seventh year of his dervish training, he asked Pir Sultan Abdal to bless him and release him to train and become a "great man". The sheikh answers him: "I will let you go, I will bless you to rise in society." But you, after you become a vizier, some pasha, you can turn against me and want to hang me.''

That's how it goes. He goes to Istanbul, gets the title "pasha", then forgets about God, about faith, about what he learned from his teacher. He is coming back, now as Huzer Pasha.

The occasion for their first meeting was Pir Sultan Abdal's dogs, which bear the names of Huzer Pasha's assistants. This is taken as an insult and a mockery of the pasha. As a result of the disputes between them, his former student, in his capacity as a person in authority, gave orders to be thrown into prison and then to be stoned to death. However, when his command was carried out, none of the stones thrown touched the Sufi. Then he is hanged...

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