12 selected thoughts by Maurice Maeterlinck

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The power of the humility- 12 selected thoughts by Maurice Maeterlinck:
  1. Humility allows you to find to secret of your destiny.
  2. Humility is the eye of the inner life.
  3. Humility is the key to the secrecy and wisdom hidden in man.
  4. Humility reveals the true qualities of love and of your souls.
  5. Humility is appreciated in the silence in which we wash it.
  6. Humility allows us to distinguish those young among us, who are actually much older than ourselves.
  7. Humility gives inner understanding that soul can be touched the most strongly by a weak blowing than by storms. For them it is hidden in a sacrament.
  8. Humility reveals that purity is the most ancient mystical covenant.
  9. Humility shows that Death is a strange poetry, it is a something marvelous. There is no Death for the pure one.
  10. Humility reveals that Souls can be found only in purity.
  11. Whoever knows humility and silence acquires clarity.
  12. Humility helps restoring the memory of the spiritual beauty.
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