The power of the humility - 12 selected thoughts by Maurice Maeterlinck

31.08.2018 374
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We present you 12 selected thoughts by Maurice Maeterlinck:


#1   Humility is the eye of the inner life.

#2   Humility allows you to find to secret of your destiny.

#3   Humility is the key to the secrecy and wisdom hidden in man.

#4     Humility reveals the true qualities of love and of your souls.

#5   Humility is appreciated in the silence in which we wash it.

#6   Humility reveals that Souls can be found only in purity. 

#7   Humility helps restoring the memory of the spiritual beauty. 

#8   Humility reveals that purity is the most ancient mystical covenant.

#9     Whoever knows humility and silence acquires clarity.

#10  Humility allows us to distinguish those young among us, who are actually much older than ourselves.

#11  Humility shows that Death is a strange poetry, it is a something marvelous. There is no Death for the pure one.

#12  Humility gives inner understanding that soul can be touched the most strongly by a weak blowing than by storms. For them it is hidden in a sacrament. 

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