12 remarkable thoughts by Albert Einstein

31.08.2018 364
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We present you 12 remarkable thoughts by Albert Einstein:


#1  God is sophisticated, but not malicious!

#2 To survive, the humanity needs to a radically new way of thinking. 

#3 The search of the Truth is more important than having the Truth. 

#4   Once open its borders, Mind will never return to the past.

#5  Two things call me awe: the starry sky and the spiritual universe inside me.

#6  If only you have lived for the others is it that you have lived.

#7   The real religion in the world is the life itself: to live with all your soul, righteous and virtuous. 

#8   The searching for Truth and Beauty is an activity in which we are allowed to remain children for life.  

#9   The most important role of art and science is to awaken the cosmic and religious feeling in man and then to maintain it.

#10   I've never seen comfort and happiness as the ultimate goals. Such an ethical basis is, in my view, more suitable for a pig herd.

#11 Politics is s pendulum that oscillates between anarchy and tyranny, and its movement is supported by constantly renewing illusions! 

#12  Intellect plays a small role in the path to  discovery. There is a leap in consciousness, something like intuition ... and the solution comes only without knowing how or why.


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