12 quotes from "In the Temple of the Master vol.2"

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12 quotes from the word of Master Beinsa Douno:


#1 In the worst of all conditions - God is in there. (26/p.256)

#2 The only thing that is really our property is the Truth. (39/p.190-191)

#3 God has created the Universe for the sake of the Sons of Wisdom. (13/p.369)

#4 Even if the whole world turns to dirt and mud, you ought to keep on loving! (37/p.253)

#5 Woe to those who do not learn their lessons and who do not take in God’s Word! (19/p.169)

#6 Each one of you ought to be conscious of the system he or she belongs to, and respect it. (19/p. 370)

#7 I have the capacity and possibility to heal you. One drop of Love amounts to billions in cash. (19/p. 21)

#8 There is a safety-match inside Me by means of which I am able to kindle the whole world. (11/p.134)

#9  Until you turn into butterflies, whatever I talk to you, My words will be a voice in the desert. (38/p.246)

#10 No measures, no money, no sacrificial offerings, no prayers, and no remorse can ever be enough. (19/p. 19)

#11 I shall help you the way the wind does. I shall take the dust away from you so that it does not disturb you. (7/p.77)

#12 The way I comprehend the world, it is perfect. There is no mistake ever in the world; there is no evil at all. (8/p.236-237)

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