12 principles for a complete life by the healer Peter Dimkov

31.08.2018 359
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We present you 12 principles to follow if you want to live a complete life:


#1   Good in people deserves to believe in it. Kindness is health!

#2   Being useful to people - it gives meaning to everybody’s life!

#3   Be cheerful, alive with cheerful thoughts to live in joy and happiness!

#4   There is no stronger thing than the positive thought. If a person is sick and does not believe he will recover, no medicine can cure him!

#5   Lie is the root of the most diseases!

#6   The human organism has all the prerequisites for a normal and healthy life!

#7   Diseases run away from those who sing. Happy people do not get sick!

#8   Learn to keep an eye on yourself and control yourself.

#9   Moderation in everything - this is the most important rule for long life and health!

#10  Work with joy and consciousness of the benefits and needs of your labor!

#11  The mountain purifies the soul and revives the spirit!

#12  Curiosity is a form of youth!

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