12 priceless thoughts for every day by Eleazar Harash

31.08.2018 721
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​​​​​​We present you 12 priceless thoughts for every day by Eleazar Harash:


#1 Man is submissive to that reality for which he is awake.

#2 The speech is God's language and silence is His coziness.

#3 Real help is always silent and sacred.

#4   Life requires a revival in the Word and in the Silence.

#5   Only God gives in pure form, because He is never willing to receive

#6   Whoever wants to enter unprepared in Truth, falls into chaos.

#7   This who is in the Truth is neither in the happiness, nor in the suffery.

#8  Death exists until the moment when the one recognizes God.

#9   The true Speech is full of Silence and Spirit.

#10   When the Word awakens in man, a new universe is born.

#11   In His essence God is Nebirth, but when He decides to manifest, He becomes a word.

#12  The most necessary thing for the prodigal son is the experience. The experience humbles man.

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