12 excerpts from “Rila - the sacred book’’

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1. Faith has three transformers: physical, spiritual and Divine.

2. Do good, because you are organs of a great cosmic organism.

3. An absolute good in the world is for us to be good for everyone.

4. The unlimited Love gets you through all hardships so it can make you perfect.

5. Love is the greatest musical symphony. In life, there is no greater symphony than Love.

6. Life is something, in which a man progresses; a man progresses even in the worst life.

7. Think good of the others! When a man thinks good of others, he thinks good of himself too.

8. When you go to a man, call upon God in him and speak to Him. After that, speak to the man.

9. The flesh is a body, where the spirit lives temporarily, and our spiritual body is a body of Eternity.

10. To know when to talk, how to think, how to feel, to be smart - in this lies perfection. Without this, Love cannot manifest.

11. The mountaintops perceive the cosmic energies that come to the Earth; they transform them and spread them everywhere.

12. When a man eats and does not thank God, he is in the mediocre life; if he thanks, he is in the Divine life. It is like this for everything else as well.


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