12 aphorisms about martial arts

08.11.2018 1 784
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Portal12 chose 12 aphorisms from the book Martial Arts Aphorisms, composed by Eleazar Harash and Myra.

#1 The wise man hides his weapons.

#2 Lack of attention is a big enemy.

#3 Every task has the best way to do it.

#4 If you are not sure, do not take action.

#5 The strong man, rather than worrying, smiles.

#6 The strongest force comes from the core of Truth.

#7 Tomorrow's battle is being won with today's efforts.

#8 Do not seek to walk in the steps of the wise man. Look for what they were looking for.

#9 If you do not overcome the habit of giving up things easily, your life will not bring anything meaningful.

#10 The first thing the good samurai must do in the morning, and the last thing-at night is to bring his heart in order.

#11 When your Spirit is calm, do not leave your body relaxed. When your body is relaxed, do not let your Spirit be weakened.

#12 Learning the "principle" means learning that aims at achieving the highest state of "mushin", in which the mind is free and can not be caught by anything.


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