Prohodna cave - Bulgaria

Address: Village of Karlukovo, Lukovit Municipality, Lovech Province

Prohodna cave - an ancient place for dedication. It is situated in north central Bulgaria, located in the Iskar Gorge, Lovech Province. 

The cave is famous for its two eye-like holes in its ceiling, known as Oknata (The windows). These cave holes are precisely what makes the cave unique. Situated next to each other and having similar almond-shaped forms, the cave holes bear striking resemblance to giant eyes that seem as if they are staring at the visitors. 

Formed during the Quaternary, Prohodna is 262 metres  long, which makes it the longest cave passage in Bulgaria. The cave has two entrances which lie opposite one another, known respectively as the Small Entrance and the Big Entrance.

There are traces of prehistoric habitation in the Prohodna cave, which testify that humans lived in the cave during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic.

Bungee jumps are organised from the big entrance. Prohodna Cave is a popular destination for climbers.

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