Isgrev Centre - France

Address: 2 rue du Belvédère de la Ronce, 92310 Sèvres, France

This centre organises Initiatic Study conferences throughout the year, where you can put the Spiritual Teaching into practice and experience fraternal living as taught by the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov. The centre has on-site accommodation for all ages, and visitors are welcome.

This fraternal center is located on the heights of Sèvres near Paris. On the edge of the forest, surrounded by a small park, it offers excellent conditions for spiritual work: space, silence, clean air, open view towards the East.

During these meetings, the main activities are meditation, choral singing, Master's lectures, meals taken in silence, the audition of sacred music, gymnastic exercises. In Springtime, meditation takes place outdoors at sunrise, and in the morning participants dance Paneurhythmy.

Everybody can participate in the preparation of concerts, exhibitions and performances ...

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