Buddhist Kumbum chorten - Gyantse

Address: Gyantse County, Shigatse Prefecture, Tibet, China

Gyantse Kumbum is the greatest part of Palcho Monastery. It was commissioned by a local prince in 1427. It has nine lhakangs or levels, is 35 metres high surmounted by a golden dome, and contains 77 chapels which line its walls.

Gyantse Kumbum has been described as the most important of its kind in Tibet. The Kumbum, like other mandalas, which are portrayed by a circle within a square, enables the devotee to take part in the Buddhist perception of the universe and can depict one's potential as they move through it. Mandalas are meant to aid an individual on the path to enlightenment. The Kumbum holds a vast number of images of deities throughout its structure with Vajradhara, the cosmic Buddha, at the top.

The Great Stupa of Universal Compassion being built near Bendigo, Australia is modelled on the Gyantse Kumbum.


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