Beglik Tash - Bulgaria

Address: Primorsko, Bulgaria

This is not just an ancient cult complex with a sundial, an altar, a calendar, and so on. This is what the Thracians have inherited from the Atlanteans and have also used it. Beglik Tash is situated on the southern Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, a few kilometers north of the city of Primorsko.

Most of the megaliths have traces of carvings for the purposes of Thracian rituals. There are also the remains of a labyrinth that visitors can pass through. 

Inside it, archaeologists have found ceramic artefacts from the Early Iron Age (10th-6th century BC), classical antiquity, and the Middle Ages, as well as a man-made stone altar at the end of the natural cave which proves that it was used as a place of worship. Every day at noon, a ray of sunlight enters the narrow entrance of the cave, and projects itself on the back of cave. 

The site is an open-air museum maintained by the Burgas Historical Society. It is visited annually by 40,000 tourists.

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