Master Beinsa Douno


Master Beinsa Douno (Peter Deunov) or also called the Universal Master is the greatest spiritual wealth of Bulgaria.

He is the conductor of the Spirit of God and the Mystery of the Absolute. Here's what the Master says about himself:

What is the origin of the family I came into? my family is de-new, but it's a pseudonym. My grandfather's father was a very strong, healthy man like a bottom. This is the nickname deron. The bottom has the barrel, the river, and the sea - it is interesting for which bottom is concerned. Everywhere there is a bottom! Woe to the one who has no bottom! When you call yourself "dwarfs," you will know that you are not my followers, but you are people with a bottom.

I am a universe. The universe was on 7 March 1897 (old style). This universe has taken place in several stages.

If I started telling you if I studied, you will not believe me. It is for me to tell you about yourself. If I tell you that I have touched all the worlds, all the planets, will you believe?

I see many photographers go after the guy and just click on their hands. What are they chasing? Human shadow. After that, they say, "We took this one, we took the Master." Then they will increase, reduce the image, and sell it, and have a memory from the Master: Blessed are the believers! Everything you carry in your pocket is a theory, it is not a fact The teacher is not in your pocket It's hard for that Master who can get into his student's pocket.

As many times as I have photographed, I always see in my face a very rough person. Not me. This image is in the surrounding environment in which I live. It is reflected in me. By this image I try to get to know myself. Divine can not be photographed. The oscillation is not suited to the rough phototechnics. The divine is not hunted, it has strong oscillations.

I say to myself: I have to do as God does that is inside me. I know it too. When I do all that He desires, I feel a joy and I know Him. And everything I ask of him is all happening. There is nothing in life that I have wished it has not happened. I've helped and helped the sick and the poor. But as soon as I hesitate a bit, my power disappears immediately, and faith must be a non-consecrated process.

I do not belong to any church, to any party, organization, to any people, because I am not on Earth. "Where are you from?" From the sun I come and go to him. Under the "sun" I understand that lofty, reasonable life. In me every thought, every desire is weighed.

For me it is the greatest disgrace to lie with someone else. Because of me, I do not want anyone to suffer.

Once I was a master, I saw the result of the lord and gave up. I have tried the situation of my father, my mother, but I gave up this situation because I realized there was something better than the experience, and now there is only one thing: to serve God. And when I return to Him, I go down again to Earth. Then I will again want to become both a master and a bishop, both a mother and a father, but with a new understanding and a new light to do my duty properly. Now whatever I have, I leave to you. And you will go through the same position to give up everything.

I do not want you to know who I am. I want to avoid this because I know the soul of the Bulgarian people and I do not want to create karma to it. Jesus Christ appeared to the Jewish people, but he did not accept it and inflicted karma. If I do not disclose it, that means I want to let the people develop naturally.

I do not want you to make me a center, nor do I want to become a conductor of yours if you even have good thoughts. I do not want a man in your mind to stand out, and I want you to know the Lord, because I have and take part in all His works. And if you do not believe in me, believe in His Word. A person who wants evidence must believe in Christ, and then he will do miracles greater than those that Christ has done.

I've come to Earth to serve the angel hierarchies and you. If I fail now, I will come again. I will come until I do my job to perfection.

That is why I have come to enliven you, to educate you, to help you, to give you knowledge and wisdom, to comfort you, to take part of your sorrow, and to give you joy to hear God's living word.

Christ said to me:

"Go to help this people, to look at all the misunderstandings and rumors and to dismantle all the obstructing spirits."

I and Christ are one. And with nothing else you can not trick us except with your Love. Your thoughts torture me. They are a pain for me. My position is like the little child who walks on the thorns. (1912)

I teach you a doctrine of Christ, a teaching of life, not of the letter. Doctrine not of sectarianism, but of living doctrine, of the teaching of wisdom and of Love, which can renew the whole life. (August 26, 1917)

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