Georgia Nikolova


Georgia Nikolova is a public figure, a publicist, a musician and a spiritual guide. Born on 25.05.1995, she lives mainly in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. He is a graduate of the National School of Music and Dance "Dobrin Petkov" - Plovdiv with a major in flute and piano. He works and plays an organ in Vienna, Austria.

Georgia gains public popularity with its lectures, which she has delivered to the Rila Lakes, as well as during various seminars and events. Focus on them is the spiritual development, the search for the Truth and the divine path in front of each of us.

In her first interview on, Georgia Nikolova said, "God's love is so great that she is not disappointed, because there is a great sense that makes things happen as part of the divine. is far from a god, and that is what generates all the disappointments in life.Hope is in the conscious life that gives the joy of living in fact and there is no disappointment.That's why it is beautiful to realize everything in a human and divine way, both at the same time, so any disappointment that we had to realize a knowledge afterwards. "

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