We launched because we believe in personal and collective responsibility for the important role of each of us in developing a new type of thinking in the coming years. We believe that the time at which is launched is not accidental, and it is now time to unite all the valuable and clear visions for a better quality of social and spiritual development in our world.

Sharing, promoting, and bringing people together in positive initiatives and good deeds is the way we can move away from the bleak times of egocentrism, inferior abstractions, material rigidity, and deficiency in thinking.

Because the portal is an area of ​​constant motion. Because the portal is mostly alocal, but it is always a linking unit.

Why 12?
There are a lot of reasons to choose the number 12. Most simply, we like it very much and it is related in a special way to the team that launched the site - to each person in a special way. But here's a small part of the other reasons:
- 12 months
- 12 zodiac constellations
- 12 strands of human DNA
- The 12 Apostles
- 12 doors in the Revelation of St.John
- Pythagoras marked God with the number 1, and the matter with the number 2, so he expressed the universe with the number 12
- 12 leaders on the side of the Light to the ancient Zoroastrians
- 12 god of Mount Olympus in the ancient Greeks (14 in total, but never more than 12 at the same time)
- 12 Imam with Muslims
- Buddhists divide the reality into 12 parts and the life of 12 parts, which together form Samsara
- 12 gates of the 4th dimension, according to the Eastern esoteric
- 12 are the lunar phases
- The 12 Psalms Saying at Night (The Bible)
- The Holy Spirit and the 12 Virtues (The Bible)
- The Christian Christmas once lasted 12 days and 12 nights
- The holy city of Jerusalem has 12 gates with 12 angels
- 12 major dimensions in our universe, according to metaphysicians
- 12 virtues according to Rudolf Steiner's Anthroposophy
- 12 senses according to Master Beinsa Duno, which one will first develop in the course of his evolution
- The vibrations of the number 12 are analyzed as classical oscillations of semantic charge referring to the integrity of the Ecumenical Mind ...