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Elena Pencheva is a professional astrologer, a researcher of astrological knowledge from ancient times until today and author of articles on astrological themes.

She is a representative of the Varna Astrological School and her teachers are Adriana Votey and Rumen Kolev, from whom she learns the secrets and the tools of modern and ancient astrology. In his work he successfully combines and applies both modern and unknown and accessible to a few knowledge and methods of antiquity. The scientific interests are directed to an in-depth study of the sideric zodiac and the helium phases and cycles of the planets. She lives and works in Varna and Sofia.

"And God knows best" - Hermes Trismegistus. The study of Astrology requires patience and humility, says Elena Pencheva. Or a very ardent love of knowledge that will help you develop them as qualities in yourself. Knowledge, however, is not enough, talent is also needed. Even then, the astrologer is powerless without the blessing of God!

We should not believe that the stars are responsible for our destiny and for our future. They just describe it. They describe our strength, our weaknesses, the tasks that stand before us and the potentials we have - in our lives or at a given time. The birth horoscope describes the choice of our Soul - she knows the measure. Happiness depends on willingness and will to watch the path of your soul. Free will is a gift that you choose to learn or not to teach. Will we take responsibility for our lives or we will swim along the flow of people and events, whether we will realize the maximum or minimum of opportunities, and how we will feel in this process depends on our free will.

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