Yoga is not a sport or gym. It is a way of internal thinking and living

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Yoga is a system of asanas (poses) and breathing practices (pranayama) that help to train the body but also work on the spirit and the mind of men. Yoga is much more than a series of exercises. Positions naturally affect and heal directly and indirectly all organs and systems of the human body. Yoga includes philosophical principles, making this system a way of life.

Yoga doesn’t have a competitive nature. Sports, in general, are competitive, participants work primarily to achieve medals, titles and records, while yoga is invariably oriented towards mass practice for health and well-being. This is one of the aspects in which yoga differs from sports.

Yoga is not looking for achievements for time, strength, endurance. The goal is psychological and physical strengthening and on the other hand relaxation of the human organism and spiritual awareness, growth and development.

Yoga is practiced according to the physical capabilities, abilities and characteristics of the practitioner. Another important requirement in practice is not overloading the muscle groups and joints while performing asanas. The main goal is to fully energize the body without sweating, release from stress, open the chakras and clear the energy channels for the unimpeded flow of vital energy.

The main requirement for the practitioner is persistence. This leads to the desired results - keeping the spirit and body in good mental and physical form. Yoga practices are indissolubly linked to the effect and impact of asanas and respiratory practices on the human body, and the sought end result of practices is health.

It is no longer a secret to anyone that a huge percentage of the diseases of modern human civilization is based on stress, nervous and psychological over-tension. Unfortunately, modern man lives apart from nature, even in many cases they are at war with her, and with this, he has lost touch with his own body and spirit, with his own "self."

By practicing yoga, the goal is to have a complete insight into the inner world of man and to stop (albeit briefly) the thought flow, concentrating on the inner self with the aim of touching the nature, concentrating on the real essence, discovering and realizing the individual value and capacity and their development and realization.

Unlike many sports, yoga is recommended for people of all ages without the limitations of sex. Even people with a range of diseases can practice it, of course, after consulting a competent and experienced instructor and implementing an individual program. As a result, it keeps the immune system stronger and improves health.

Yoga has the intention of achieving good physical and mental health and good tone for the body as a whole.

Yoga is a philosophy; it is a way of thinking and an in-depth study of the inner world of a man, with the aim of his personal and spiritual growth and the elevation of a higher level of existence and functioning.


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