Vangelis to release new piano album in January 2019 - Nocturne

23.12.2018 1 204 Added by Borislav Borisov
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The premiere of the new Vangelis - Nocturne piano album will be on January 25, 2019 online, and on January 29 on CD.

The exceptional musical composer surprised us in 2016 when he released his 10th album under the name "Rosetta", dedicated to the space mission of the European Space Agency for Surveying the Comet 67P / Churumov-Gerasimenko and finding the lost Philae probe-robot.

Now Vangelis releases a solo-piano album under the name "Nocturne", containing 17 compositions, some of which are entirely new and others processed by older albums.

An interesting impression makes the fact that the name of the album is tied to the Moon ...

Vangelis new album 2019 - Nocturne

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