The Eagle's Symbol is an Emanation of Freedom and the Spirit of Change

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The eagle is one of the most ancient symbols of mankind. The Greeks and the Persians dedicated it to the sun as a symbol of the higher spirit, connecting it with the higher God in heaven, presenting the spiritual principle.

For the Toltecs, the Upper Secret of the Eagle is a great Revelation, because of the accumulated Impeccability, because here man becomes dignified. The Eagle gives you to realize His Secret as a pure Spirit, and to see the place of your origin, which is the place of Freedom. Through this Revelation of His pure Spirit, the Toltec achieves complete liberation from all the fallen cultures of races and peoples.

The life of the eagle is associated with light and the elements Fire and Water. Just as the lion is the king of the earth, the eagle is the king of heaven. He flies from one world to another, revives and guides the souls.

An event marks the life of each eagle, its growth and transformation when it reaches 40 years of age:

Then the eagles' nails become too long and they do not allow them to grab their prey, his beak too, which prevents him from eating. The feathers of his chest and wings become heavy and prevent him from flying.

The Eagle faces a choice - either death, or a long and painful period of change, lasting about 150 days. He starts to fly only around his nest on the top of the mountain and begins to hit his beak on the rocks until it breaks and falls ... then he waits for a new beak to grow up with him to squeeze his old nails. As his new claws grow up, the eagle makes the old and heavy plumage on his chest and wings. But after that suffering and pain for 5 months, now - with a new beak, new nails and new plumage, the eagle is reborn and lives for another 30 years!

In our lives, each one of us has its inflection point, in which it has to go through its rebirth, reject the old, transform the pain, fear and doubts into a new life. Only so released from the past, we live, and not only exist, fully in the present and draw boldly the lines of our next life.

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