People dream for quick changes, but those changes are always low-quality

31.08.2018 3 852
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"The world's future is going "upwards", but as of now we are definitely "downwards". We look for quick recipes and we want immediate results. Generally speaking, on one side society is constantly under the attack of short-term models that keep on failing, but on the other side we continue to look for this same short-term models", said Yordan Kamdzhalov, Chief Conductor and a modern intellectual, during a public discussion.

"We have to patiently prepare ourselves, by doing lots of internal and external efforts in order to be able to fight for an idea. Because if we fight for an idea for, let's say, 2 years, 2 hours or 20 minutes, the idea will bring different results. This is the path and the expectancy for the future: that it will be very, very hard, as it is during a battle. When a new house is build, there is chaos, lots of garbage, no water, no electricity, but that is just during the building process. We have to have patience so that the house can be build and this can happen only with everyone's participation", specified Kamdzhalov.

"Also, we have to break with the idea that the overachievements can be a result of individual efforts. From now on, they can only be group ones. Because we know that behind Einstein's most famous equation there are numerous efforts of other scientists before him. It is the same with the periodic table and with Beethoven's Ninth Symphony. These are people who step on other people's results and efforts before them. We are a chance for one another only if we are together. We will walk slowly up the road, but cataclysms, crisis, insufficiency are not contrary to progress. We often forget about the difficulties in Van Gogh's or in Mendeleev's life, not to talk about the penury in Shubert's or in Dostoevsky's life. Difficulties are not contrary to progress", said Kamdzhalov.

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Yordan Kamdzhalov is one of the most talented young conductors of our time, described by the western press as a “true discovery” and “an addictive conductor”. In 2014 NASA named a planet after him - their citation reads:

“With his passion for astronomy, he connects the world of music with the fascination for the universe”.

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