Let's unlearn the auto-negation; Say 'I love you' more often

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Here are a few simple things for you to think about that we might do well to do more often in our daily lives. Our life and everyday life is a constant series of possibilities and the right to choose (*the right to choose, perhaps, is the only one that a person is born with). No matter where a person lives, what he does, he daily faces decisions that shape his own reality.

Some of us rely primarily on our intuition, while others make hasty or rational decisions. Still others shape their daily lives based on habits or general trends in the environment where they find themselves. In any case, it is good to apply at least some of these simple practices:

No smartphone or tablet in bed before bed
One of the most important rules for quality relaxation and release of tension in the brain is 30 minutes before sleep to not use any technology - smartphones, tablets, TV, etc. Moreover, the use of technological toys engages the mind, and it is good at the end of the day, before falling asleep, to be alone in silence and transfer important thoughts and evaluation of the past day.

Let's unlearn the auto-negation
The decision to say no or automatically deny something or someone's position almost always generates excess negative energy that boomerangs back at us. Before we say "no", it is good to think about the conditions under which we do it and, above all, the conditions of the person opposite us. It's okay to judge when it's okay to say "no," but never allow ourselves to become social doormats.

Minimize multi-tasking in everyday life
Besides generating a lot of tension, multitasking is not really a guarantee of greater efficiency. On the contrary, it often leads to insufficient concentration, errors and incomplete performance, which only generates stress and unnecessary tension. Better make a list of the most important tasks and follow them one after the other according to their priority.

Say "I love you", "I love you" more often
Life in modern everyday life passes too quickly and in the bustle of trivial things. Many of us will be surprised at the effect we will feel if we tell our loved ones more often that we love them. Gratitude and love for friends, family, loved ones returns as a resonance that has the sole function of charging us with positive energy. It, in turn, multiplies throughout the environment and Nature when it is emitted by more people.
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