High-energy Ekadasi days in 2019 - time for purification

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Ekadasi days 2019
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Each year in our calendar we have strong energy days that has long been known to be used to purify the body and the spirit. The calendar we have adopted in our everyday life, which is 30-31 days, does not correspond to the periodic processes in nature. However, the moon with a duration of 29.5 days is a natural period that links cyclical changes in natural processes on Earth. They, as we know, affect the organisms of plants, animals, and humans, and we should use it in relation to the monthly biorhythms.

Modern science has found the links through which the Moon influences man, but it draws little attention to ancient sources, which give specific recommendations for the use of the lunar cycle for purification.

During the lunar cycle there are two phases (first and third), during which the body sucks and holds the incoming substances, liquids and then it is good to feed through the skin with trace elements, to make planning operations, etc. In the second and the fourth phase of the Moon, the body separates well, throws away the accumulated slag - then it is best to perform cleansing procedures, enemas, and healing.

In ancient times, they paid great attention to some of the lunar days known as the Ekadasi Days - the 11th and 26th day of the new moon and the day of the two tubes - the 14th day of the New Moon.

The days of Ekadasi are the most powerful for purification; then especially abstaining is tolerated, which is most effective. The day of the "two tubes" symbolizes the sewer pipes through which the accumulated slag in the body is removed. On this day, you can not only get hungry, but also not drink water because, according to the ancient liquids adopted this day, they are polluted.

During the lunar month, transition days from one phase to another are considered unfavorable, risky. This is explained by the fact that the body can not abruptly obey the gravitational forces and move from shrinkage to expansion and vice versa.

In addition to abstaining from food during the Ekadasi days, it is particularly appropriate to engage in intellectual or spiritual development. An incredible effect would have the different practices of clearing chakras, prana activities, energizing, spiritual guiding sessions, meditation, yoga, and so on. Fasting itself is a type of practice that helps balance energy in the body.


January 01 Saphla Ekadashi सफला एकादशी
January  17 Putrada Ekadashi पुत्रदा एकादशी
January  31 Shattila Ekadashi षट्तिला एकादशी
February 16 Jaya Ekadashi जया एकादशी
March 02 Vijaya Ekadashi विजया एकादशी
March 17 Amalaki Ekadashi आमलकी एकादशी
March 31 Papmochani Ekadashi पापमोचिनी एकादशी
April 15 Kamada Ekadashi कामदा एकादशी
April 30 Varuthini Ekadashi वरूथिनी एकादशी
May 15 Mohini Ekadashi मोहिनी एकादशी
May 30 Apara Ekadashi अपरा एकादशी
June 13 Nirjala Ekadashi निर्जला एकादशी
June 29 Yogini Ekadashi योगिनी एकादशी
July 12 Devshayani Ekadashi देवशयनी एकादशी
July 28 Kamika Ekadashi कामिका एकादशी
August 11 Putrada Ekadashi पुत्रदा एकादशी
August 26 Aja Ekadashi अजा एकादशी
September 09 Padma Ekadashi  पद्मा एकादशी
September 25 Indira Ekadashi इंदिरा एकादशी
October 09 Papankusha Ekadashi पापांकुशा एकादशी
October 24 Rama Ekadashi रमा एकादशी
November 08 Devutthana Ekadashi देवोत्थान एकादशी
November 22 Utpanna Ekadashi उत्पन्ना एकादशी
December 08 Mokshada Ekadashi मोक्षदा एकादशी
December 22 Saphla Ekadashi सफला एकादशी

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