Enigma 8 - an amazing musical project for inspiration and self-knowledge (VIDEO)

31.08.2018 1 304 Added by Borislav Borisov
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Enigma's most recent album "The Fall of A Rabel Angel"  has extremely meditative music, as some Enigma followers on social networks writing that it's the top after 26 years of creativity in ambitious and inspiring music.

The album itself is a complete provocation to people's thinking, perception and awareness. Enigma has always made music that carries messages and is consistent with the time we are in, and it is connected to other compositions. Today the fallen angel carries a deep and hidden message to realize the transitions that await us and are inevitable.

Far from the commerciality of today's massive music with alpha vibrations and hypnotic effects, Enigma 8 shows a deep deployment of musical influence on the soul of a person and the stimulation of his senses for the Universal cosmic language. Although dressed somewhat sadly in medieval-style titles, musical compositions carry many messages. "Circle Eight", "Omega point", "Lost in Nothingness," "Confession of the Mind" .... Check it out: Enigma 8.

Michael Cretu said: "8 is representing the eternal life and the new beginning and this is what Enigma 8 is all about..."


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