Deep meaning of Christmas - Birth of the Spirit

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Let's regain the deep meaning of Christmas - the Birth of the Spirit. Before the beginning of the holiday cycle beginning with Christmas Eve, we call for a celebratory celebration, so that the Light and the Magic of the Christmas can be revived in each one of you!

"God who lives in man speaks when the soul knows himself as I am."
Rudolf Steiner ("Introduction to the Secret Science")

That is how we should feel the deeper meaning of Christmas-Nativity, because what is happening inside us resonates with the processes from the outside.

And as in nature, at this time of cyclical lull, when life is at rest, so that it can be reborn and renewed and manifest again in full force, so we also subsist, we humble ourselves to purify, to reborn and to renew our bright nature.

We should move away from the modern "celebration" with focus in the bustle of accompanying preparations, and this becomes a topic in our conversations, actions and thoughts. Naturally, gifts are almost obligatory, but let the vanity not grasp the meaning of that day.

Why are we staring only at the presents, and the event itself remains incomprehensible and distant from us?

Most of us today have forgotten to invite to our table the Guardian of the Family, and we have invited the vanity.

We wish each one to find the light within himself and give it to the nearby, needy, casual people he will meet these days to break the Love as a Fire Guard over the Earth, because more than ever he needs it.

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