There are three Thoth: Ancient Thoth, before Atlantis, then Thoth in Atlantis, then Thoth in Egypt, and a reflection as Hermes Trismegistus in Greece

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There are three types of Thoth:
Ancient Thoth, before Atlantis
, then Thoth in Atlantis, then Thoth in Egypt, and a reflection as Hermes Trismegistus in Greece. It was the real, ancient Thoth who did the greatest service to the planet, he brought writing, he changed development.

One of the greatest Masters in the world, who also lived temporarily on Earth, but otherwise a being of Sirius. But they don't even live on Sirius, because there is an exit outside the universe, they live outside the universe, they go down to Sirius, and from there down to help other beings.

His Egyptian name is Tehuti, meaning Father of Wisdom, and another translation is Great White, also Father of Light. And the Master personally glorifies his Wisdom, and after a time when I will publish a book about Egypt and about the Master about Egypt, there we will see what the Master says about him, for he really thinks that this is a great being and carries a great Wisdom.

Thoth says:

Only the seeker of Truth develops a sacred view of things. At the highest level, Truth also defeats light.

Neter Neteru, i.e. the Supreme God (in Egyptian), is served in secret, not openly. Because there are some who think they must put on a cassock and serve.

He who has devoted himself to the Truth is filled with Divinity, with intimacy, with holiness. It is a mark, a diagnosis, a measure. You can't catch him thinking about earthly things, like what I'm going to eat. It's so incongruous...

The elixir of life is a huge reserve of hidden and pure energy in the depths of man. So those who get tired have no reserves. There are people with very little energy. One cooking is enough for his day and the energy is gone; one insult and he no longer knows his job, the day is messed up, problems, etc. That's why there are such people who hide, they don't like to talk to people, because for them every person is a problem. I recommend them to pray more, if they can, not to cook, to read sacred things more, to study sacred words and to live more in silence. And those who are awake are truly seeking God. Simple conversations are a big waste of energy. Over time, this waste destroys a person's gifts, his development and above all the light body, hekao. People also try to come to me for general conversations, but sometimes we talk for a few minutes and that is either the last or second to last conversation. I let them know that there are no such things. There was a brother who said: So far we have talked about sacred things, let us now talk about human, earthly things - and that's how our conversation ended.

If you have allowed love for material things, you will always wander in darkness. There are people who say: But we still have to think about our livelihood. There is no such thinking. The Master says: If you surrender to God completely, that is God's concern. I have watched it since 1982, God is taking care of my rights, my needs. I've never had a problem. By the way, I haven't had a problem before. But I share it, it's about when you give in. If you can't commit, prepare to commit. If you cannot in this life, in another life you will indulge. But at some point you have to mature for this dedication to the Truth.

If you have allowed love for material things, you will always wander in delusions. You can replace one delusion with another, but it is still delusion. If you have admitted love to God, you will be drawn into Divinity, so says Thoth. And then he says: Where the gods gather, there are the mysteries. You know, there used to be many mystery temples. There were assemblies, god-men, god-beings, and the invisible presence of gods. In time we will talk about such gatherings of the mysteries, about mystical schools, including the school of Akhenaten. The Essays came from there, and the Virgin Mary was his pupil there, but we will talk about those things another time. This is a school that has produced 300 immortals and there have been a few more but about 300 have achieved immortality in this school. But Akhenaten is a special being, not by chance hated even by the priests. When he appeared in Egypt, he said: There is no need for temples, there is no need for priests. God is within man, the Nether is within, seek it within. - And from there they almost erased his secret words, they wanted to erase him, but still they couldn't, since he preached only about the Sun God and that everyone should find the Sun in himself. That's another topic, we'll talk another time.

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