The shaman - that is the art of making things happen, but to make things happen in the sacred way

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What is a shaman? The word "shaman" means a holy man, an ancient man.

The shaman is the master in the spirit realm. The shaman goes deep within himself and communicates with them in real terms because he has dedicated himself to the sacred beginning. The shaman knows how to talk with the spirit people.

The shaman must have gone through his great suffering. We will talk more about this issue in the December lecture - "The Dark Night of the Soul". Here I will say: the shaman must have gone through his great suffering. Why? To purify the evil in himself and transform himself. And so he was transformed, so that he would truly become a holy man. From then on he is already allowed to help - until then he is not allowed to help. After this moment, he already receives a sacred right. He already becomes truly a shaman, or a holy man, free from the disease of evil, of the ego in general.

The shaman is sacred because he first healed the evil in himself and therefore now has the right to heal others. Otherwise he has no right. The Shaman, or Saint, is a master at reviving energy. And besides, it also cures man's relation to things—not merely disease—man's relation to things, for that is where diseases are found. A person does not have a relationship with things in the broadest sense, the patient simply does not have the right relationship.

The shaman thinks differently, speaks differently, lives differently. He is not of time. The shaman is a being of the sacred, i.e. from other worlds, and the sick person is a creature of time.

The shaman has the right to enter the other world, and in this world he only lives in appearance. The shaman lives mystically in the spirit world through the sacred. He also communicates necessarily with a certain secret teacher. "So, in addition to being guided by higher beings, he has a certain secret teacher." And he learns from him as a son learns from his father.

Because the shaman is initiated into the sacred, from here a gushing life-giving force pours into him that truly heals. It passes through it because the shaman has been through great suffering and can bear it, and because the sacred requires it. And this already allows this energy to pass through him as, as the shamans say, "through a pipe" — like water passes through a pipe.

After this transformation, after he has passed through the great suffering, he can never again be possessed by evil spirits—the other important thing about the shaman. Having passed through his great suffering, his dark night, having overcome himself, he can never again be possessed by evil spirits, because he lives fully in the sacred to which he dedicates himself, lives in his own mystery.

The shaman must necessarily go through initiation, i.e. through great suffering, which means re-creation, so that the spiritual powers are reborn and the old man in him dies.

Shamans are those whom the spirits serve. They are like brothers. According to shamans, the course of a person's life is determined by spirits and everything around us has spirits, masters. They are masters in a very different area, but these spirits the shaman can influence.

In important matters, the shaman becomes a man in prostrate. Of course, shamans do not always have different approaches - here we are talking about one of the approaches - becoming a person in a state of unfoldment. This means, translated in Indian language: "purely internal ascent". Outwardly, he may even look abnormal, that has nothing to do with it. It is purely an inner ascent, a sacred ascent.

There is no inheritance among shamans, because there is a rule: each shaman must earn his own authority; he himself must undergo his dark suffering, his dark night, to become an authority.

The shaman must possess a voice, an inner voice. The voice, according to the Indians, is a rod in the interior of things, in the invisible realm, when it is sacred.

Shamans say: The world will become more and more real only under one condition — when shamans and priests lead education. Of course, people should deserve such people to lead them. But only when shamans and priests lead, then only the world will be made right, because there will be true teaching of the sacred and even higher than it.

The shaman can see very far. Why? Because he has passed through the suffering and the great darkness. From now on he is allowed to see, actually see into the afterlife. Thus he captures the invisible entities.

According to shamans, what surrounds us—forests, stones, water, air, plants, animals—is not just an environment. This is our family, all these are our relatives—trees, animals, plants, even stones—our relatives, our family. Here, see what an approach!

The shaman does not heal. He is only a pipe through which the higher power of the helpers, the ancestors, and most of all, when he willed, the Wakkan Tanka pours and flows.

For the shaman, the great devotion of Wakkan Tanka, i.e. of the Great Secret, is the true walking on water - so says a shaman - this is the true walking on water, i.e. translated, walking above life, above life's difficulties, above life's problems—it means "walking on water" and "walking upon water."

The shaman, that is the art of making things happen, but to make things happen in the sacred way, the right way.

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