The relationship with Dao is deeper than a miracle. To find Dao, you need an Ancient Ability

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"Dao" and "Tao" are both English transliterations of the same Chinese character "道", which can mean "way", "path", or "principle" and is central to Chinese philosophy and religion, especially Daoism/Taoism. The difference in their spelling stems from different systems of romanizing the Chinese language.

The secret of life is to imbue everything with Dao.
If we root ourselves in Dao, we will unroot sin and evil.
When you outgrow matters, Dao becomes your Eternal Friend.
There is no good advice for those who have renounced Dao.
Those who seek Dao with sincerity and ardour, are already called upon.
When you are in Dao it’s impossible to doubt.
Love for Dao surpasses even the most righteous deed.
Dao is Sacred – something more than culture.

Dao is a speaking Wordlessness.
Dao is akin to fragrant wind.
Dao is the word of the Ancient Past.
Dao knows the hidden, because the hidden is created by Dao.
Dao is real, whereas the world only seems real.
Dao is the zero, which has changed into a 1 – the Beginning.
In Ancient Times, when there was no sun yet, Dao was shining.
Dao is unexplainable, because It was before the languages.

Dao is Unseizable, but it seizes everything.
Dao’s life is submerged in the Infinite.
A man can find Dao only through his own Dao.
Those who follow Dao, will find their Selves.
In order to seize Dao, you need to catch the Nothingness first.

If you have understood one profound Truth, it is because Dao has permeated through you.
In Its presence all is clear and understandable, because Dao is clear within Itself.
If you have Dao, you have the Key to life.
Dao can build Itself up in those who are pure, in their hearts.

Dao is only Dao, everything else is an aftermath.
Dao taught me to not see It.
The smile during battles is a powerful Dao.
If an event has become known, beyond it stands the Unknown Dao.
The relationship with Dao is deeper than a miracle.
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