The balance between material and spiritual reveals the intelligence, love and will of man

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Obviously, one is better prepared for life in matter than for spiritual life, because the tools he possesses to live and work on the physical plane - the five senses - are much more developed than the tools that allow him to work in the world of the Spirit.
If you decide to build a house, you need only a few weeks, whereas, if you want to create in the spiritual realm, nobody sees anything - neither you nor the others. Thus, there is no certainty nor clarity and that makes you feel insecure, indecisive, unhappy, filled with doubts to such an extent that you are willing to leave behind everything and engage actively, like the rest of the world, in some activity the result of which is visible to everyone.

Do what you want, but one day, even with the greatest success, you will feel that you are internally missing something. And this is normal because you have not touched the essence: you have not yet sown anything in the spheres of Light, Wisdom, Love, Power, Eternity. Know that only your inner achievements truly belong to you because only they have roots in you. And when you leave for the Other Side, your soul, heart and spirit will be enriched with precious stones - qualities and virtues to take with you, and your name will be recorded in the Book of Eternal Life.

The main advantage of the Way inward, or the Spiritual Way, is the quality of the elements that you accumulate, their nature, their value: they are made up of the purest and most radiant matter that comes from God. Thus they really belong to you - therefore you are rich and this is the second advantage. Finally, the third advantage is that being rich, you become free and live in peace and wholeness.

The richness of a spiritual person is something extremely subtle, even intangible, but if he is conscious of this wealth and able to value it, he is rich with all the riches of God, he possesses Heaven and Earth while others have only a small piece of land somewhere .

Therefore, two ways exist: one that seems to bring you nothing but disappointment, but which will give you everything, so one day you can say, "I have nothing, yet the whole Universe belongs to me"; and the other which will bring everything you want, but will always leave you unhappy, because you will feel that whatever you hold in your hands, the essence has slipped away.
All, who are well aware of the nature of their work, say about some difficulties: "Well, yes, these are the risks of the profession," but that does not prevent them from continuing with their work. It is well-known that every profession has its own risks and difficulties. And why do spiritual people not know the "risks" of their "profession"? The fact that they are quickly discouraged and want to abandon it shows that they do not know these risks and difficulties; had they known the risks first, they would continue with even more zeal.

The secret is to have a desire to learn, to expand your horizons. Unfortunately, many, seeing the breadth and the vastness of a Spiritual teaching, rather than rejoicing, are frightened and closed in their shell. In this way people will not reach far. If you stay clinging to your old ideas, believing that it will be better for you, it is nothing but deceiving yourself: all kinds of trouble will come to sting you, bite you, and harass you to get you finally on the way of spiritual development.

I have met many people who have told me: "Ah, Master, your teaching is remarkable, great! I want to devote, but first I have to end with some duties to my husband (my wife), to my children, etc. " Alright, I agree. But in ten or twenty years, I see them still unable to get rid of these duties. And some have already left this world without having devoted even a minute to the spiritual life. Why? Because their thinking was wrong.

In order to devote ourselves to the Light, to a Divine Teaching, we must not wait to settle this or that, because nothing is ever settled at all, there will always be something to tease our attention. Do not wait: even if nothing is settled, devote now to the spiritual life and you will see that everything will settle even without understanding how.

Whatever you do in the material field, nothing is ever settled. It's like trying to get back the spherical shape of a flat rubber ball. When you remove the concavity on one side, it re-forms on the other. You decide that there is nothing more to worry about just because you have married off your daughter. But here, she is not getting along with her husband, she divorces - and here we go with a drama! Or, grandchildren come, the house becomes very small and you have to move ... Then one of the children gets sick ... I tell you, it is not over. So do not wait to devote to the spiritual life. But also know that thanks to the spiritual life, you will find the best solutions to all the problems that will arise before you.

Of course, in everything he does, one must be able to find and observe the measure. One brother told me yesterday: "Master, I have decided to organize my life in the future so that I do not waste my time and energy in secular life." I congratulated him, but I also advised him not to go too far in this direction because he cannot live as if the world and society do not exist. Otherwise, he will live as an asocial type or a parasite, and this is not advisable. He has to learn how to balance his external life in the world with his inner life. This is one issue I faced in my youth - a question that you also have to solve: how to live in the world, have a relationship with it, while at the same time placing first the most important in your life- your soul and spirit.

It is precisely the way in which one person balances these two aspects- the material and the spiritual, that reveals his intelligence, his love, his will, and nothing is more difficult than that. For some, the temptation is to get bogged down in material life, forgetting the life of the Spirit, and for others to deal only with the life of the Spirit, forgetting the material life. There is also a third solution and it is precisely what everyone has to find for themselves because each case is specific. Basically, of course, all human beings have the same nature, the same quintessence, the same needs; they are descended from the Creator's Hands, from the same workshops if you will; but their level of development is not the same, they do not have the same temperament, nor do they have the same vocation in their existence, and each should solve their own affairs independently without striving to imitate their neighbour. Whoever feels the urge to create a family will not be able to resolve the issue like the one who prefers to remain unmarried. The one who needs a lot of physical activity cannot lead the same life as the one who has a dreamlike, contemplative temperament.

Everyone has their own way, their mission and even if you take your Master as an example to emulate, you will always have to develop according to your nature. It's all about singing your "score", keeping the notes, the beat and rhythm; but you have to sing it with your own voice, which certainly does not resemble that of your Master, but that does not matter. The only important thing is to perfectly fulfil the score, that is, to take into account exclusively the true philosophy - the eternal philosophy of the Initiates.

Speech by Brother Michael-Omraam from the book “What is a Spiritual Master?”
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