Speaking theTruth is a great store of energy

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  • Things are only understood when they are achieved.
  • Every empty word is a debt.
  • Speaking the Truth is a great store of energy.
  • Above all is the development of the will (the secret teaching of the ancient Wisdom). All the willless are in the crosshairs.
  • He who eats meat loses his subtle vibrations.
  • Spiritual cannibalism - hatred - is worse than swine carnivory.
  • Do not abuse the Word, it is God! God enters the Word and we become strong.
  • The numbers 1 to 10 are all numbers. Write them slowly and beautifully. Whichever number pleases you the most is yours.
  • The number 1 is the strongest - Sun, 2 - Earth, 3 - Jupiter, 4 - Moon, 5 - Mercury, 6 - Venus, 7 and 8 - Saturn, 9 - Mars.
  • The number 10 has very strong, penetrating rays.
  • All numbers are living, ethereal, sentient beings.
  • 999 - the luckiest number.
  • 666 - number of black magic and sin.
  • 7 and 16 - numbers of God's Spirit.
  • When shaking hands, the number 10 (5+5) is obtained. It is the number of friendship, but this greeting should be dropped.
  • Love your enemies - means "bind the devil".
  • Patience - in it all powers are developed.
  • 4 and 8 are bad numbers.
  • 2 - number of conflicts, struggles, splitting.
  • 3 - number of tranquility.
  • 5 - number of karma. Do not lend a number starting with BGN 5, 50, 55, 555.
  • For an insult, the longest term is 1 hour. If you are affected, the Black Brotherhood inhabit you and drain your powers.
  • Eat with gratitude, otherwise the blood is poisoned.
  • Do everything by the numbers.
  • Stop at the sweetest morsel, then within you flow still ascending powers.
  • When you eat, have a bee's stomach. When you think, have the mind of an elephant.
  • Whoever wants to serve God goes through many sufferings - retorts (the greatest suffering when the whole Black Brotherhood attacks you). The Master has gone through 9 retorts.
  • In one small flaw, in one small mistake, 1000 devils can enter.
  • True service to God and opening of the third eye we have only when karma is defeated.
  • The strongest quality is sacrifice.
  • The pure always have strong leadership.
  • Multiplication and addition are the actions of the White brotherhood, and subtraction and division are the actions of the Black brotherhood.
  • Only what strengthens your heart, mind and will is true.
  • Only give in to positive things.
  • Worries are demons.
  • If you stop thinking about something, it dies.
  • When you think about someone, it means that they love you.
  • Peace is a gift of God. Only the pure are peaceful.
  • Those who are unsteady in meditation deny God.
  • Freedom and will, will and Love - go together.
  • Sugar is a lie.
  • Diseases melt away with the Word because the Word is God.
  • To remove all impure words from your speech.
  • A strong will knows no distance.
  • Passion makes a blind man twice as blind.
  • "God" is an inferior name given to ordinary people. There are other secret names in Kabbalah that are much more powerful.
  • If the sick person sings, he will get better. If he does not believe in his healing - the devil penetrates him.
  • In the other world, the pure develops, and the impure - in order to develop, someone on earth must pray for him.
  • You get sick because you have taken away a lot of prana from others with criticism and envy.
  • Pride is the grave of thought. It is an inverted plate into which you cannot pour anything. By criticizing, you demagnetize your atoms.
  • He who believes in God does not worry about anything. If he worries, his faith is broken somewhere. There are only two faiths: absolute and none.
  • Doubt - a bunch of parasitic spirits that drain a person's prana.
  • Meditation - means to work in a Divine way.
  • From the genitals down is the Black Brotherhood. The stomach is hell, the heart is heaven, the head is the Kingdom of God.
  • Only he who thinks Divinely wins.
  • The soul knows the past lives and the Spirit knows the future.
  • If you have a strong desire for something, it means that you have an angel living inside you.
  • Impatience is a superficial love.
  • The prayer should not stop throughout the meal. Eat only with bright thoughts. Listen to angelic music (pre-classical). Look at portraits of angels.
  • When in prayer (or meditation) you achieve complete silence (isolation from the world), you will receive an answer to your prayers in an instant.
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