Rudolf Steiner: The Moon appears to be a physical, but also a mental counterweight to life on Earth

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In the light of the Theory of Artificial Origin of the Moon that is spreading all the more according to which the Moon is “delivered" by advanced alien civilization to serve as a balance of certain activities and processes on Earth, scientists from the University of California published a report with a new perspective on the origin of the moon.

Extremely similar chemical composition of the rocks of both Earth and Moon gives scientists the reason to determine that the cause of the formation of the Earth's satellite is a frontal collision that took place between the early Earth and the planetary embryo Tea about 100 million years after the formation of the Earth or about 4.5 billion years ago. According to the scientists the collision was at an angle of 45 degrees or more.

Researchers have analyzed seven pieces of rocks from the Moon brought by Apollo 12, 15 and 17, as well as six volcanic rocks from Earth's mantle - five from Hawaii and one from Arizona.

According to scientists the key to recovering of the giant impact of the collision is given by a chemical analysis hidden in the "signature" left by the oxygen atoms (oxygen accounts for 90 % of the rock volume and 50 % of the weight). More than 99.9% of the Earth's oxygen is O-16, so named because every atom contains eight protons and eight neutrons. However, small quantities of heavier isotopes of oxygen are also found on the Moon: O-17, which has one additional neutron and O-18, which has two additional neutrons. Earth, Mars and other planetary bodies in the Solar System - each has a unique ratio of O-17 to O-16 scientists claim with certainty. In their view, the Moon is formed from the substance separated during the collision between Earth and Tea.

Though scientists continue to develop theories on the origin of the Moon, the question remains: why are the missions to the moon discontinued despite the super advanced technologies we have? For comparison, NASA's spacecrafts are now exploring in detail the Ceresa planet that lies between Jupiter and Mars, but there are no new missions to the Moon. Why? Has there been a mission Apollo 13? Why is neither the US nor Russia saying anything about matters that are fueling new theories about the moon's role more and more? Is the Moon an observation center? Are there any high-tech bases under the Moon’s surface?
The approach to Moon issues different from the conventional science:

What has the Bulgarian prophet Vanga meant, when after the Apollo 11 flight said:

 "I was watching with great interest the astronauts from Earth who were first to step on the Moon. But they did not tell you even as much as a mustard seed of what they actually saw there ... "

And the Master Beinsa Douno has an interesting point of view on the Moon as well:

"There is life and beings under the Moon crust, but they are in different bodies - invisible to our human eyes. They have entrances under the Moon’s crust at a depth of 10 km and they live there because it's warm. The beings come in before sunset. They have also gardens. If you think the moon is empty, do not look at it at all, because there is a law: If you look at a dead person and think he has died, the flow of dead will be passed on to you.

If you believe he is alive, something positive will be passed on to you. You can think he is dead. But the one who has an elevated consciousness, he understands things differently. This is not gullibility. Each of you can know if there are people on the Moon or not. I'm talking about the Truth that can help your upliftment. I'm interested in the Moon, the Sun, and all the planets because they are related to us. You can talk to the wise beings which inhabit a Moon, a planet. There's a radio, special radio for that. But you have not grown up to that yet. The place where the intelligent beings inhabiting the Moon enter is on the south side of this sea. You can see it with a telescope. But the beings inhabiting the moon you can not see, because they have etheric bodies”, explains Beinsa Douno as early as 1929.

Anthroposophical Science Creator Rudolf Steiner talks about the Moon in his lecture in Germany under the motto "From the Lunar Departure to the Return of the Moon," exported on 13 May 1921 in Dornach, Switzerland. In his view, the Moon appears to be a physical but also a mental counterweight to life on Earth. His studies show that the Moon has the major role in the formation of the human head, hence the brain, and the development of the mind. The purely physiological features of the sexual development follow, as well as the development of the animals, especially those with horns.

"Everything related to reproduction and heredity, everything independent of the man in sense which he can not penetrate with his human thinking, all that is the gift of the Moon in the heavenly solid – that is which in man derives from the principle of Love penetrated in the process of reproduction and inheritance. Hence the furious battle going through history, the battle led by Lucifer and Ahriman against everything that comes from this area. “Lucifer and Ahriman want to impose to the human an extraordinary power of the head and direct their attacks through the head against everything which is purely natural attraction. Because what is the hereditary substance of the Earth can not be extracted from them. Whatever is the Moon in the heavens so is the heredity down on the Earth in man, "says Steiner.
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