Logic is a dangerous enemy of Truth because it does not see its fallacies and its imperfection

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A society based on spirituality will differ in two essential points from a normal human society, which begins with and ends with the lower nature. Normal human society begins from the herd instinct, modified by the diversity and possible antagonism of interests, from the association and clash of egos, from the gathering, association, conflict of ideas, tendencies, principles.

The so-called A "normal" human society concentrates on the increasing satisfaction of the physical, vital and mental life of man, because of the growth of "civilization". It is here that many losses must be recognized against these external benefits, which are the price for the future sacrifice of "civilization".

Normal society basically treats man as a physical, vital and mental being. This is because life, mind and body are the only three realms of existence in which it has any knowledge. Thus the society of "normal" people develops only the areas of mind and physiology, thereby creating an extraordinary burden of habits and "medicines" that are supposed to cure the diseases that "civilization" itself has created.

One of the most interesting deviations of normal society is that it tries in every possible way to establish and improve the artificial forms of living necessary for its social system, from which it actually suffers the most.
In the end, however, experience shows that society tends to die because of its own "progress," a sure sign that there is some serious defect in the system, a sure proof that its idea of man and its method of development do not correspond to the whole truth of the human being.

There is a radical defect in the process of human civilization, which has created far more problems than it can solve, has propagated excessive false needs and desires for the satisfaction of which it does not have sufficient vitality to bear them, has grown a jungle of demands and artificial instincts , among whom life loses its way and no longer sees its purpose.

The more advanced in society begin to declare civilization a failure and people begin to feel that they are right. But usually the "cure" offered is stagnation or decline, which ultimately means greater confusion, stagnation or decay, or else a return to "Nature", which is impossible or can only be achieved through cataclysm or social breakdown.

Society today has most neglected the spiritual element, the soul in man, which is his true being. Even if we have a healthy body, a strong vitality, and an active mind, as well as a field for their action and enjoyment, this moves a man only a certain distance; then he falters and falls away, for lack of true self-discovery. Nothing can be more fatal to any society or religion than the formalization of the spiritual element through external firms and mechanisms.

A true and fully spiritual purpose in society will see man not as a mind, physical vitality and body, but as a soul incarnated for divine realization on Earth. It should regard all roles in human life as sacred, it will look upon every human being as a particle for the manifestation of the Divine Spirit.

Wisdom is born when the mind dies. Wisdom looks behind the veil and sees; the mind divides, distinguishes. Wisdom collects in a single Harmony. What a vast Rest from our existence awaits us – but the Way is narrow…

What the Soul has matured and experienced, that is what it knows - the rest is appearance and prejudice, and some opinions.
What is unfolding in the world and in humanity is God's only Will - His Will.
True Freedom is merging with the Will of God.

In every field - says Aurobindo - everything is predestined; but with very sincere and intelligent efforts, you can attract the Power of God which is above Predestination and modifies it.
  • Freedom is given so that you can earn your true Freedom again.
  • Live from within, don't be shaken by external events.
  • Make your heart pure first, then listen.
  • Souls that do not strive are God's failures.
  • Everyone must achieve Himself in his Freedom.
  • There are two powers in man - knowledge and Wisdom. Knowledge is the corrupted part of Truth, and Wisdom is that which penetrates and shines through the Spirit, the Eye of Divine Vision.

Logic is a dangerous enemy of Truth because it does not see its fallacies and its imperfection.
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