Eleazar Harash: Only the Truth Arranges Life

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Once, in the ancient times, in the Kingdom of the Unknown Spirit, in its garden, there was an old, age-old tree. On this tree, there were thousands of leaves - thousands of creatures.

However, one of the leaves became discontent and began to argue, began to yell. It claimed, “Who is the one that dares to hold me so, tied to this tree? I was born for great freedom. I want no peace, no harmony - I want my freedom, I want to investigate other worlds. I want no higher intelligence, I want only my freedom. I want no Truth at all; I want to rule my life independently, on my own.”
And this leaf went on speaking to itself like that - until a soft wind blew and tossed it down on the ground.

This leaf is contemporary humankind - and that is why in the world today you can see so many leaves willing to arrange their lives without the Truth. Can anyone possibly arrange their lives outside the Truth? Do not fool yourselves, my friends. All who arrange their lives without the Truth actually arrange themselves in death. Is death really well-arranged? Only the Truth is able to arrange life.

We have learnt to live within the words. However, there is something behind the words. The secret of a word is not hidden inside the word. The secret of a word is hidden in its depth. This depth is a Sacred Idea. This Sacred Idea is formed by the Spirit; and the Spirit flows from the Truth. If a certain word does not lead us to the Truth, we shall remain creatures of death. A word is just a doorway; it is just a path.

Only the pure ones can set off along this path and reach the Sacred Idea; and the ones who have reached the Sacred easily merge into one with the Spirit of the Truth. As for ones who only stand at the doorway to the Truth without moving - they remain literalists and stop their own development. Every word, in its inner sense, is woven out of the fragrance of the Sacred. There is fragrance even in insults. Yet who else could feel this fragrance, this scent, if not the loving ones? The scent shall be revealed only to Love - just as flowers reveal themselves to the bees. When a flower beholds a bee, it bows and says:

“Take my scent - because I, too, would like to do a little favour to the world.”

The Truth is a key to freedom, it attracts higher forces. The truth is a higher secret. The world of silence gives upward vibrations. Anyone who complains is like blaming his life. There is no dissatisfaction in God.

When you love people the most, you help them.

Eleazar Harash
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