Eleazar Harash: Ancient Egypt is Atlantis's colony

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Eleazar Harash

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Today we are going to talk about Atlantis

Here i would like to say ....Whatever happening ,it does not matter, your perception is important-it defines the end result. From a difficult situation, the event can easily turned into a simple one and vice versa, from simple one to a complicated one....Everything is a matter of the Secret of perception.

Second , conversations - what is their meaning among people: what is the exchange of spirits,beings,influences,inspirartions, plunder and so on.


Atlantis originates from an overcontinent that was the father of all continents.(there is also such an ocean, but that's another topic).This continent was called Baradaha ,this name is the most accurate and deep in its essence. It is conected with the first Solar race. This continent was immaterial, and the compaction would have happened after a long time. This was a state of unthinkable, that is part of the ancient Old World.

Of course there are other deep topics to talk about ,but they will be released in few months, from the second Elder. He talks about the Ancient Evil (6666). i would like to explain something here...This Ancient Evil is....has totally denied the truth and has totally denied life. There is no way out inside it; it destroys the soul, and the spirit to the root and therefore it is locked. The four 6 - the Absolute locked it.

This Evil, that is in the world -and I was talking about it in Turnovo ,and there will be a book soon on this topic- Lucifer....Because Lucifer has no will ,God makes him a Satan-this Evil is unextraordinary ,it is called the "Blessed Evil". In this evil you can feel pain,think ,sense- there is growth...The other Evil that is locked outside the Universe , there are no things like that .... you can suffer, torture yourself but there is a development. I will talk about the other evil after a while -it is before the history of races. The Second Elder explains about this eveil very deeply. But this is another topic...That old man -the second Elder ,his name is Azavot Maharia - he came down to Atlantis and taught the impeccable: not the middle, not the warriors,but the deepest Beings.He is one of those ,the kind of Melchizedek.He has trained these advanced Toltecs from seventh and eighth degrees on very deep levels, who are like Christ and the Buddha.The dinosaurs,the codiles,the most odious snakes ,these are microscopic remains of the ancient evil. They are so tiny remains ,it is not worthy to talk about ,but they come from this Ancient Evil as well. Anyway!

I am continuing with Atlantis.....Otherwise, here I hinted to you about the ancient prehistory.

There was no fire, no water, no land, no conditions for distaction - here in the ancient times. To have destruction, there must be creation.To die, you must be born. For something to be destroyed, it was supposed to be created.But when there is a mistake then there is creation.This means that created beings are sent to learn. From here down the future plan of the mankind began and the compulsion started: free,unlocked, un-created Divinity. Here there was no - we talk about the Old World - there was no mind even, there was no Higher self. I talked to you a while ago ,that the real sage and initiate must give up his higher self , for God is deeper.This is what Christ did: '' In your hands I give my Spirit'' i.e. not my will but yours....Judah has achived it as well, we talked about it etc....Who thinks that one's higher self is deeper then God's, will suffer a lot ,because the Higer Self and the Lower Self....even though they are Divine ,the Higher Self is very small compared to the mystery of God.

There was no mind and Higer Self, only Freedom ,Spirit and a Great Bizarre Light. Let me explain here: Radiance -not this light we know. This Radiance is before the Light. The Light is a fall too. So that who believes in Light will also be deluded in time, because the Light is God's limitations ,it's another illusion the same as the darkness. While returning to this Radiance ,there is another approach.

The ancient wisdom is hidden in great teachers, initiates and sages's memories.Atlanties's civilization was in a direct conection with all these Gods and Great Egyptian Priests. In fact the Egyptian Priests are Atlanties, reborn Atlanties. I told you ; Egypt was a colony of Atlanties. They just simply desended in Egypt ;because they kept the memory of the pyramids , that were created by them, they built them in Atlanties- the same as the Sphinx.... They just carried them over to Egypt.

The First King's name was ATL - or Ancient Water i.e. Primordial Life. For this Elder a book is being written. his name was the Priest of Atlanties, later he was called Melchihedek. Unextraordinary Teacher, magnificant. I will tell you something here : at the age of 6 he chose to live in an abondon eagle's nest....however translated directly from Atlantis ''eagle means ''God'', ''Kuatli''- on the secondory language. He monitored the details from far and away ,to understand God's purpose for every single grain of sand. A true priest ,extremly devoted to the whole Eternity.His wisdom is exclusive the same as the wisdom of the Atlantis's Elders.I have repeated many times their rules'' Never break the infinitude within yourself''. or ''if you lose the anchor in your life gain confidence''. Whoever asks ''but how?'' does not know why he is asking; he who has an intuition imediately understands. A different book about the  intuition is being written.Intuition is not the same as premonitions or some other feelings - although you can describe intuition as a deep feeling but is deeper still.

The Ancient people  are the ancient Gods actually ; so that the word ''people'' and people who have belived that they are humans is one false belive. We are not people: even at this moment we are not,and we have not been at all. We are Spirits, we are Essence, we are Gods deep inside us. This is the way we have to follow ,because this world and beyond  are not ours- these are simple worlds.

Even the Ancient Evil, the Second Elder (from 24 Elders)says, think that good people are negligible -they are not real. He belives that sages are strangers. He has no fear of God's sons and the sages but fear only of the Elders ,because he says '' the Elders possess a diverse knowledge. The Teacher says '' they have had an experience for billions of years''. The Teacher himself says '' I have been trough nine crosses'' . So that to gain such an experience one must go through many Cosmic sufferings ,beyond the Universe,one who makes a break-through, because the Universe is a locked school.

The first man was uncreated, he was hidden in the unseen ,where he lived for a long time. Long time past since he turned into visible , outer, external form. This visable form appeared from a deep inner world. So that the man is a reflection of something very deep ,that's why we have to honer not only people but our enemies as well.The commandment '' love your enemy'' means '' to penetrate God''. It was given by God, himself and its meaning is '' overcome yourself''. if you are not able to love your enemy, you are not able to love the hidden God within him. The enemy is only maya ,God eliminates him after a while. Loving your enemy ,you depressing him, because Love is God's power, you know that Love does not have any opponents,no enemies. I talk about Divine Love.

The Egyptian pyramids were built in the memory of the Atlantean flood. They existed in Atlantis and later on were moved to Egypt , during the time of relocation. The pyramids are the oldest symbol, that is: there is only one centre, only one God. Satan has ever never exist as an enemy , I have explained that . There is no way God has enemies-never. They are ancient friends and Satan obeys his plan. He has always done it ,and has no choice. He is..... God turned him into Lucifer, God made Satan. Everything is moving by an extraordinary God who knows what he is doing and has never made a mistake- just as God is perfect.

When Atlantis moved to Egypt they built the pyramids with a new contraction, becuse the memory of them was so intense. ( The pyramids were built by uttering a sacred word ) I have explained about the Sphinx- the most oldest symbol of the word '' Guardian''. Atlanties acquired their wisdom by the virtue of the Power of Gods and the Supreme Mind. They knew that man is not born in this world ,but the world is born within us. (of course if we allow this to happen. if you allow the world to penetrates into you - with all its contradictions and beauties, let say). So they understood that by shifting yourself ,we remodel the world. It is funny when someone wants to put the world to rights. the world can be set in a beutiful way. If you are not settled,what are you going to do in this world? I've explained to you do not believe in your future,  create it.

They evolved their impecability and willpower beyond this world. I will explain: The willpower is a Spirit's mystery, it is not mind or human's secret. The willpower is an active Spirit. A man of willpower lives in a completly diffrent world. Atlanties practiced their impecability and willpower , because they knew that only with accumulate pure power -we talked about thoughts, feelings, acts and secret deeds- and only this accumulated Pure Power can penetrate into God and the secret of the Eagle and the Vastness.

Eleazar Harash

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