An echo from the Beethoven’s 9th Symphony - transforming music time into a voice of eternity

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I wish all mankind to be embraced by this Beethoven fire. If there is a God, then it comes to us in such moments. Beethoven gathered times in the here and now.

Beethoven's music is a musical rebellion! - he transforms music time into a voice of eternity.
Beethoven can remind us of one thing: every moment is a miracle, every gesture is a spell, every thought is a begging of eternity to know the secrets of time ...! The labour, the anguish ... is the celestial gunpowder with which we shoot the stone bed of mysticism. The mystery of the world arrives as an ecstatic hypnosis. Every instrument embedded in the music brings us a mystical vision suddenly reminding us of our irrefutable uniqueness.

From the front row I attended the anguish and the inspiration of many spirits, as in a Hoffman fairy tale ... The instruments winded and waved amazingly among the audience. The general impression was that the audience and the orchestra had exchanged their seats, and the musicians themselves struggled with the futile efforts of virtuosity to catch up with greatness. Every life scatters the grandeur that music collects and returns it as a soul! As we live, we scatter the greatness that is given to us, and only through our art we bring it back.

Beethoven's 9th symphony revives in every individual his innate sense of godliness. Terrified by the word that weakens the forces of the warring life, Beethoven, leading the musical army, returns the defeated to the battlefield, raises the corpses on the arena, and provides the victory of the heart over the intellect.

While I was at the concert, I was writing down the thoughts and feelings that poured into me that came as follows:
O Harmony, forged by the mighty wail of all hearts and souls!
The waves of the naughty and mighty beast are like an outwordly whiff of breath.
I am on the edge of the worlds and capture their shadows, the world is transparent to me.
The merciless gesture of the tormented stonemason of Fate.
Hearthbreakingly we must dare the spirit through every ripped tone,
or the vision of one's spirit that has come to pour the blood of the proportions of the sad universe.
Every harmony is the grief itself!
O Lord, give me the word to dissolve the worlds! Let their tears flow through my soul ...
I am attending the tragic order of the world.
The Agony of Nothing and of Being!
Let me be touched by their transcendental and fateful kiss.
The end, the time has come.
In this moment, the universe is like a frozen field. The shell of necessity is broken, and the Deity who observes and suffers comes into being.
My soul is the world's emptiness from which the abysses howl.
Harmony is merciless.
As if I am present for the first time at the birth of Death and Life. How they have descended from Heaven and how they have turned the flesh into a sacred act of anguish. The ray falls from the sky to invade the shadow that has pinned the heart of the moment into the nets of time.
And here the maiden of transcendence brings the vision of the world.
It's time to understand that nothing belongs to you, give away everything, I swear to you, only then will the true enlightenment shine upon you.
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