What should you remember? There are three types of dark

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There are three types of dark:

The first Dark - this is the Great, Divine, Sacred Dark. The Secret of Life is hidden inside it.
The second type of dark has originated from the choice of humans who have wished to get detached from the Truth, detached from God. With their own bad thoughts, feelings and acts, humans have created their own dark and are now living according to the laws of ignorance. This dark is the work of their own hands.

The third type of dark is the external one - the one that comes with the fall of night.

The second and the third type of dark are illusions. The first Dark is a Sacred Occurrence. Those who have the Spirit of the Truth within them are able to pass through the Sacred Dark - and out of there, to tug their own Eternal Light: that is, to receive from God what is their due since before times began. Only the loving ones are able to tug the Secret of Life out of the Great Dark.

Within, within the Infinity of Radiance, there are three kinds of darkness. In this darkness is hidden the First Cause of things, it is the Ineffable Mystery that cannot be spoken of.

This darkness enters the mind of the disciple from the outside world and enters like the great serpent. It symbolizes the unknown and unattainable Mystery that separates the Beginning from the matter of the Cosmos.

This movement is spiral. Movement is a contrast to Good Peace - it is chaotic movement with uninterrupted vanity. And the Good Peace in the deepest sense is the sea of primal light.

This darkness, this great serpent, is a flowing matter, but parallel to this serpent flows another matter - the Primordial Matter, and this is the matter of the future universe.

The dark matter of the serpent is moaning and wailing because it has no light and harmony within itself. This vast flowing dark matter is self-contained and it has no consort due to its imperfection. This great and dark energy has asked many of the Father (the Great Mind) to create children, special children of Wisdom and through them to touch the hidden perfection.

This great and chaotic energy suffered a lot until it became sound, and finally it got sound - a sound of fire, not of light.

The sound of fire expresses desire and light, and the sound of Prasvetlina expresses fullness.

Set or Lucifer is the Great Dragon – he is the lord of the dark, fallen light.

The fire of desires or the sound of fire can only be interrupted by the voice of the Primordial Light in the man of fullness...

The primal elements are water, darkness, abyss and chaos.

Only he who is filled with the Primordial Light, only he will be free from the interference of the fallen fire.

To this cry, to this ancient cry of darkness to the Primordial Light, the Logos (Holy Word) responded. It has shed its hidden perfection to help the seekers of the Original Light, and this Word is perfect.

It was the descent of this Word that began to bring order to the elements of chaos by dividing them into Pure Fire, Pure Air, Pure Water and Pure Earth.

Thus dark and fallen nature has seen the Word and His Beauty in its fire and air, but it has only heard it in its water and earth.

The great Primordial Light or Radiance is Absolute Mind. This Reason is God, but how can you bear Him, especially when you have fire in you, and not the Beginning - quintessence... And He precedes nature, He is and remains a great Mystery.

Tehuti says: If the student reaches the pure light of the Word, he becomes the Son of God - this is also the goal of the student, because he must become the Son of the Great Mind.

Every disciple is obliged to unite with the Primordial Light, because the Word is innate in Him.

The Word and the Primordial Light (or Original Light) are in Absolute Unity - they are the Son and the Father.

The brightness of the Father is the life of the Word, who is the Son.

Life is built by the light of the Word.

In order to free Tehuti from the mantle of the great dark energy, He - the Great Mind - increased the Light in Tehuti's life, in his Word, and he acquired a sight that penetrated this great dark serpent and he began to see beyond it. Through this gaze one enters the sea of light.

The light of the Word removes the great dark energy (the Serpent). There is no serpent, no darkness in the Holy Word. In the Word, which is Light, the power is spiritual, dynamic and penetrating. Anyone who has not purified his word cannot see his Light and his Way, because the Pure Word is the Son.

Within, in the Pure Word dwell the incalculable powers of Light. The Pure Word holds in its Hands Immensity and fire. The Light and the Logos are one. The Son is allowed to know the light of his Father. To penetrate the Light of the Father, the son must acquire the power of sight.

Between the sensible Cosmos and the Immensity lies Horos - the Great Limit - the Almighty Power. Horus surrounds the elements of the intelligent Cosmos and holds it, by the reins of Fire. Chaos also came into existence by the Will of the great Mind. Order and Chaos - everything came from God. The first elements are the desires of God, and they are Wisdom and Nature. This desire of the Great Mind is the First Cause of matter.

Darkness came from Light itself, because before there was nothing but the First Light. The dragon was created as the likeness and reflection of the light, and it encloses and guards as the Light.

Eleazar Harash
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