Advertising is an alternative global media for personal development, self-knowledge, healthy life, practicing systems to improve the quality of the physical and spiritual field.

Target Audience:

The web portal is extremely suitable for advertising products and services in the areas of health, sports, tourism, training, bio-food and organic farming, photography, and various useful activities and hobbies to the general public. 

- Average number of unique IP visitors:
* on business days: 75,000 / day
* on weekends: 98 000 / day

- Average Impressions per Day:
* home page: 250 000
* all pages: 730 000

Advertising Agencies

We work with advertising agencies, with standard discounts on media plans ranging from 20 to 50%.

The site does not accept the publication of ads that directly or indirectly affect the target audience. has responsive design and has the ability to broadcast standard and rich media ad formats, including HTML banners.

You can get price lists and detailed impression statistics by sending a request to: 
+359877127712  (all conversations are recorded)