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Eleazar Harash

12 priceless thoughts for every day by Eleazar Harash

Man is submissive to that reality for which he is awake. The speech is God's language and silence is His coziness.
Real help is always silent and sacred. Life requires a revival in the Word and in the Silence.
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thoughts by Albert Einstein

12 remarkable thoughts by Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein: Intellect plays a small role in the path to discovery. There is a leap in consciousness, something like intuition ... and the solution comes only without knowing how or why. The real religion in the world is the life itself: to live with all your soul, righteous and virtuous. God is sophisticated, but not malicious!
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thoughts by Maurice Maeterlinck

12 selected thoughts by Maurice Maeterlinck

The power of the humility- 12 selected thoughts by Maurice Maeterlinck. Humility allows you to find to secret of your destiny. Humility is the eye of the inner life.
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